About Us 

Volta Metals owns 100% and 100 % Options interest in 6 promising Lithium Projects over 12,273 Ha (122km2), in two most prolific Emerging LCT-Pegmatite Fields in NW Ontario.

Li-Bearing District Projects

Driven by EV revolution, LiCan is positioned to capitalize on rapid growth in demand for locally sourced Lithium.

High Grade Li

Historic drilling, prospecting and channel sampling, confirming high grade Li 1-2% Li2

Safe year-round Exploration

Easy access to each site, low cost exploration, LCT pegs on surface, open at depth and strike

Tier 1 Location

All project are road accessible, favorable locations within the expanding North American EV and Battery production

Highly Experienced Team

Professional Team with track record of discoveries, mine building, de-risking and creating shareholder value

>12,273 Ha Land Package

Less than 1% explored with high Li numbers, in most prolific Lithium hard rock fields in Canada

Volta Metals Inc. is a Lithium, Tantalum, Cesium focused Canadian exploration company, with large land package in most prolific, Spodumene bearing Hard Rock Lithium belts in Ontario. The Projects are road accessible, with close proximity to major infrastructure, such as railways, road, ports, in this Tier-1 exploration district.

Volta Metals is strategically positioned to discover and supply Lithium to the North American EV and Battery market.

“Ontario published its first Critical Minerals Strategy in April of 2021, and the emphasis was on marrying the mineral potential of Northern Ontario with the industrial might of Southern Ontario.” Hon. George Pirie, Minister of Mines, Government of Ontario Photo of Jonathan Wilkinson “As we transition to cleaner, mineral-intensive forms of energy, democratic countries around the world are going to need access to stable and secure sources of renewable minerals, such as Lithium. Clearly, rapid development of these sources is urgently required”, Hon, Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources Canada.

Canada will fast-track energy and mining projects important to allies”,  – Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister Canada was ranked second globally – after China and ahead of USA for battery metals supply chain development, making Volta Metals well positioned!!

Our Inspiration


Alessandro Volta

Inspired by Alessandro Volta, in full Conte Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta, (born February 18, 1745, Como, Lombardy [Italy] —died March 5, 1827, Como), Italian physicist whose invention of the electric battery provided the first source of continuous current.

  • He is best known for inventing the electric battery, commonly known as the voltaic pile, in 1800.
  • Volta's invention of the battery was a significant breakthrough in the field of electricity and led to the development of modern electrical systems.
  • He discovered and studied the properties of methane gas, making important contributions to the understanding of gases and their behavior.
  • Volta's pioneering work laid the foundation for the field of electrochemistry and earned him numerous accolades, including the unit of electrical potential, the volt, named after him.