Discovering a Canadian Source to Power the Clean Energy Transition

Volta Metals owns 100% and 100 % Options interest in 6 promising Lithium Projects over 12, 273 Ha (122km2), in two most prolific Emerging LCT-Pegmatite Fields in NW Ontario.

About Volta Metals Inc. 

Li-Bearing District Projects

Driven by EV revolution, Volta is positioned to capitalize on rapid growth in demand for locally sourced Lithium.

High Grade Li

Historic drilling, prospecting and channel sampling, confirming high
grade Li 1-2% Li2O.

Safe year-round Exploration

Easy access to each site, low cost exploration, LCT pegs on
surface, open at depth and strike

Tier 1 Location

All projects are road accessible, favorable locations within the expanding North American EV & Battery production.

Highly Experienced Team

Professional Team with track record of discoveries, mine building, de-risking and creating shareholder value.

>12, 273 HA Land Package

Less than 1% explored with high Li numbers, in most prolific Lithium hard rock fields in Canada.

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5 Facts About Lithium 

  • Lightweight and Low Density
    Lithium is the lightest and least dense solid element in the periodic table with a standard atomic weight of 6.94.
  • High Charge and Power-to-Weight Ratio
    Lithium has a high electrode potential and a low atomic mass, resulting in a high charge and power-to-weight ratio. This makes it well suited for rechargeable batteries.
  • Versatile Metal with Excellent Conductivity
    In its metallic form, lithium is a soft silvery-grey metal with good heat and electric conductivity, enabling it to store and transmit energy. It can be easily cut with a knife and has one of the lowest melting points (180.5 °C) and boiling points (1,347°C) for a metal.
  • Non-reactivity in Natural Form
    Lithium metal is only found as a mineral or salt in nature because it is highly reactive and ignites on contact with water.

Volta Metals In The News

Greg Rickford

Ontario Minister of Energy,
Northern Development and Mines

“Government of Ontario unveils strategy for critical minerals, worth $3.5B to Ontario economy”

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